AI-Based Personal Coach

An Artificial Intelligence creates individualized workout and nutrition plans and is continuously learning and optimizing based on your perfomance and feedback.

KI Coach supports Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Cross-Functional Fitness and Bodybuilding.

Elite Coach in Your Pocket

After choosing a path you will have to provide the Coach some information about you - like age, height, weight, training experience and so on. Based on this information KI Coach will determine important parameters like your optimal training volume, intensity, frequency, periodization strategy and much more. These parameters build the base for generating your custom tailored workout plan and nutrition recommendations. Furthermore, the Coach is continuously learning and optimizing your training and nutrition by analyzing your performance and feedback.

For Free

Completely free, no monthly subscribtion costs.

Artificial Intelligence

The Coach learns by analyzing performance and feedback.

Strength Sports

Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and more.

Workout Planning

The AI creates a custom tailored plan for you.

Nutrition Tracking

Achieve your bodyweight goals with KI Coach.


State of the art - no more bro-science or random workouts.